We are looking for investors

We want to grow and we want to grow fast. Therefore we are actively looking for partners who also think that data analysis in the scientific and medical sector is a growing market with high potential. We know, that even big multi-national pharmaceutical companies are suffering from bottlenecks in their data analysis pipelines. Data is generated faster than results being produced, making outsourcing more and more necessary.
Scientists speak different languages. Often, bio-informatic professionals suffer from not understanding the needs and aims of the principal scientist who is actually performing the experiment. Here we see one of our mayor advantages. Having studied biology by ourselves, having worked in laboratories for years, having analysed hundreds of experiments, we learned to deal with glitches in the experimental workflow in all stages. That is why we call us ourselves Computational Biologists.

We are offering the know-how, the ideas and the professionalism needed for a sustainable grow. Please have a look at our webpage for more details of what we offer. Keep in mind, that we have additional novel ideas for data analysis in our treasure chest, which are on hold due to limited resources and obviously not shared with the public at the moment. We do have our “pitch deck” prepared, which we are eager to share with you upon contact and background check.

Furthermore we are happy to share our experience in the biological data generation and analysis sector with you in case you need advisory opinions on possible investments in this sector. Besides data analysis itself, we are also keen on sequencing technology, biological assays, software and algorithm development and last but not least novel result visualization and interpretation.