Who we are

We are a team of computational biologists with great biological knowledge, crucial experience in laboratory wet lab procedures and last but not least a vast know-how in the analysis of microarray and Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) data. We think, that knowledge of the underlying biological theory and actually having been working with biological assays really helps in interpreting high-level experimental data. We have been successfully working for research institutes and pharmaceutical companies on a world-wide level. We are sure, that we can help you in any stage of your data analysis.

What we offer

It’s biology offers start to finish data analysis of a broad range of Next-Generation-Sequencing applications like RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, Chip-Seq and more. We do not use standard pipelines, instead we adapt the workflow based on experimental design, aim of the investigator and most important data inherent specialities, which can’t be addressed by standard procedures. We carefully select from a broad range of possible alignment algorithms, normalization and quantification procedures (RNA-Seq), peak callers (Chip-Seq), Variations (DNA-Seq) and statistical tests, all in order to obtain the best result possible. Please have a look at our Portfolio, where we make explicit examples.
We are working with data from all mayor sequencing technologies, from Illumina, Ion-Torrent and Solid machines.

And more

We will not stop with a list of significant genes, transcripts, alternative splice events or peaks. We offer a broad spectrum of biological interpretation strategies like Gene Ontology (GO) or Pathway enrichment various clustering strategies (SOM, K-Means, hierarchical clustering) and powerful visualizations. We will ensure, that you will receive carefully designed, high resolution images for any step of the analysis.
For us a dot in a scatter plot is not just a dot. It’s biology.


Our Portfolio


This portfolio just contains our main fields of interest. Please feel free to contact us about any Next Generation sequencing or Microarray related analysis. We get in contact with you ASAP to discuss your needs.

Word cloud various species

* We are not just focused on human, rat or mouse when doing NGS analysis. We are analysing any species with reference genome